Belfast-born Tim grew up in Clare with both parents in hospitality, living in Shannon Golf Club’s clubhouse, a stroll from the airport. Inducted into the family business as a young teen, he always had an eye for the sky, travelling solo long haul for the first time at 17

Tim was a global project director with a Fortune 500 company before returning to his first love of food and hospitality, assembling a team that would be the first in Ireland to specialise in hospitality and food public relations, 20 years ago. A travel expert, he has spent more time living in hotel rooms than at home and is obsessed by food and the culture around it, from three stars to eating in your car. Travelling the world for tastings, from rum in Cuba to mezcal or sake, he has a special love for the most westerly strip of Europe from Northern Portugal to Jerez, sherry to port and everything in between.

Having spent decades building an international network in food, drink and hospitality with the understanding that the more you know, the more you realise there’s so much more to learn, Tim puts that world experience to work at home for the team and the Host client roster.