Hattie Wrixon

Originally from London, Hattie first worked in health PR for two years and then with a VC in Kensington, helping to run events and using the opportunity to understand how to build and scale businesses. During the pandemic, Hattie had her mid-covid crisis and realised she had to do what she loved and follow her passion for cooking and food. So she moved to Ireland and signed up to do the 12-week course at Ballymaloe Cookery School, where she thrived, learning and living off the land on the beautiful 100-acre organic farm.

After completing the course, she moved to Dublin, working in a number of kitchens and continuing her cooking as a private chef to expand on her skills before becoming part of the team at Host & Co., where she continues to work in food across a number of different clients.  At the weekends you can find Hattie exploring the Irish countryside, eating out in and around Dublin or visiting friends and family back in the UK.