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What started over a decade ago as advice to our PR clients on how to improve their food and drink offering has long since become a key, standalone part of what the team at Host & Co. does. Host & Co. has always been more than just a public relations company but in the last five years or so we have also developed a very effective food consultancy business. We have been ahead of the curve for years, and especially since the downturn. The interest in food – sourcing food, cooking food and dining – has never been stronger. More and more column inches and airtime is given to it every month. It isn’t a fad. It is one of the few growth areas in Ireland.
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Host & Co. is Ireland’s only dedicated hospitality public relations company. Our team has spent the last twelve years helping hospitality businesses tell their stories. We use our experience to help raise great media profiles that attract precious independent endorsements, bring new business and save thousands in advertising.

This means we have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work for anyone trying to build a reputation in the hospitality, food and drink sectors.

We are an all-island agency, as at home in Belfast as we are in Dublin and Cork. Host & Co. also have clients in Ireland, New York, London, Switzerland and the Caribbean.

We are fond of telling others that blowing your own trumpet isn’t a very effective way of attracting business – equally the best testimony to the quality of our work is our own client roster. More than three quarters of our clients have been with us every week for over four years, half of them for more than six years. If you are interested in becoming part of that client roster give us a call, or ask one of our clients what they really think of us.

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Yes, the best way to manage a crisis is to avoid it, and yes, there are systems that every business can put in place to help with issue management but every now and then you need professionals to avoid or manage an actual crisis. Host & Co. has been protecting the reputation of some of the biggest names in international hospitality for over a decade. Whether it is the end of an operating agreement, a case of food poisoning, an in-house accident, a legal threat or protecting a client’s media profile while they are hosting the world’s most powerful leaders, we have more experience than any other company in crisis management in hospitality in Ireland. Thankfully our best work in this regard is the stuff you haven’t read about.
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Events are not our core business but when we do them, we do them really well. We have form. Host & Co. has planned and managed large events in Ireland, from sky dining in Dublin to celebrating and working with sports gods like Arnold Palmer, to one of our proudest moments, with Nelson Mandela. Host & Co. has also planned and managed meet and greets in Miami, contract signings on Napoleonic sailing ships in the Caribbean, London press parties in Art Deco splendour and launches in New York’s Rockefeller Centre, as well as setting up very successful photocalls for some of this country’s top food festivals and events.
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