As well as over 15 years looking at what works best for restaurants, hotels, food producers and drinks makers in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork, Limerick and other destinations all over the island, two of our directors have also been advising on food trends all over the world.

Ask Tim Magee and Órla Dukes what and where to eat, what’s interesting or where to go for a cocktail in New York, LA, Copenhagen, London, Reykjavik, Paris, Sydney, Lisbon, Miami, the Basque country or Beirut, and you’ll get answers – and, probably, strong opinions. We’ve 20 years of dining in dozens of the 1, 2 and 3-star Michelin restaurants all over the world every year and knowing well over half of the World’s 50 Best in any given year since it started, but we are not driven by lists.

As happy in one of our favourite restaurants with its plastic chairs and no website as we are having the crumbs swept from the linen tablecloth between courses, we’re just hungry to know as much as we can, and our experience means we can help our clients stay informed.